Fiddler (kinetic sculpture)

Fiddler by Daniel Krakauer 2007
Apple sticks, bass wood, found wood, string, wire, hardware
Height: 28"

Woman and Bird (illuminated sculpture)

Woman and Bird by Daniel Krakauer 2005
Iron wire, apple sticks, mulberry paper, found wood, bass wood, electrical parts

Cat with Fiddle

Cat with Fiddle by Daniel Krakauer 2004
Steel wire

Cat, Bird, Suitcase

Cat, Bird, Suitcase 2006
Height: 28" 
Woman and teapot
Woman and Teapot 2003
Height: 9" 

Waltz Musette

Waltz Musette 2003
Heght: 14"

Trio 2012
Built on a cigar box, the members of the trio move independently to the same rhythmic pulse when the handle is turned.  

Mariner's Revenge
Mariner's Revenge Performed 2012
A "live-action animation", a series of painted panels with kinetic elements, telling the story of the song "The Mariner's Revenge" by the Decembrists. Arms move, doors open, ships sail, and ghosts fly, all controlled by hidden mechanisms.